Affect Series

The below body of work; Affect, seeks a narrative related to the human emotion. My thoughts, feelings, conversations and daily experiences all played a part in the creation of the six artworks . By exploring the use of abstraction, I allow the work a certain amount of freedom to take a form of controlled chaos. Colour, movement and depth also play apart in increasing the viewers involvement with each piece. I am always looking to push the boundaries and engage an association, attraction or emotional response from my artworks. (Please contact for availability and pricing of original works)

A Watery Interplay    Acrylic on canvas  (2018)     110cm (W) x 76cm (H) x 4cm (D)       Original Artwork Available 


A Watery Interplay responds to the interaction of waterways that surrounds us from Brisbane to Byron. Born and breed here I have a strong affiliation with my natural surrounds. Our waterways uncontrollable chaos and inevitable calm, allows me to depict an abstract outcome. By juxtaposing colour and light, a duality of space and an interaction of colour, a certain chaotic presence and movement can be achieved.

Work has been accepted into The Morris Art Prize 2018, Carrara, Queensland, Australia. 

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